Online Literacy Tuition Australia Wide

About us:

At Lyrebird we are committed to providing online high-quality evidence-based learning support to children around Australia. All our Tutors are trained in Sounds-Write or MSL.All our sessions are:
- one-on-one online via Zoom
- run for 45-minute sessions
- run during the school term
- are set homework each week to help consolidate their learning.
Your child will be matched to the most appropriate tutor that best meets your child's needs.

We have three types of tutors:

Literacy Tutor: ($70 per session)
Is a good budget option. They are not qualified teachers but have extensive training in delivering Sounds-Write. They have knowledge of students who need extra support. Some have children of their own with learning disabilities or who are neurodiverse, and/or work as educational support in schools. They have been screened extensively to make sure they are well trained in delivering Sounds-Write online.
Qualified Teachers: ($90 per session)
If you're looking for a teacher instead we have a range of suitably qualified teachers who have extensive experience in the classroom. They also have extensive training in the science of reading and are able to deliver Sounds-Write and MSL online.
Speech Pathologists: ($150 per session)
This is a great option for students needing a practitioner with a background in speech and literacy. All our speech pathologists have literacy based intervention training. They will help design and deliver literacy based goals for your child.

What is Sounds-Write?Sounds-Write is an evidence-based linguistic program widely used throughout the U.K. and Australia providing successful outcomes for students learning to read and spell. Is is recommended by DSF and AuSpeld Australia.Every tutor is an accredited Sounds-Write practitioner, and is able to provide support for children with specific learning difficulties including Learning Difficulties with Reading and Writing - otherwise commonly referred to as Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.

What is MSL?MSL stands for Multisensory Structured Language.Multisensory teaching is an effective way to instruct for students to successfully learn to read and write. MSL instruction is direct & explicit, structured & systematic, cumulative, cognitive, intensive, emotionally sound and focused on meaningfully taking speech to print. The multisensory component involves the use of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways simultaneously to enhance memory and learning of written language. Our skilled MSL educators provide direct instruction to ensure links are consistently made between the visual (language we see), auditory (language we hear/perceive), and kinesthetic-tactile (language symbols we feel) pathways in learning to read and spell.

Hi, my name is Erica and I am the owner of Lyrebird Literacy Services. It has been my ongoing passion as a teacher and a parent of children with special needs to deliver exceptional quality intervention to all children.

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